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Israel from the Air

Unfortunately the videos have been deleted from YouTube – much to my regret. Wonderful aerial tour of modern Israel. Excellent scenery and photography. Uploaded by http://www.ultimatebiblereferencelibrary.com/   Stunning aerial views of …

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Let's Go Everywhere

Watch the inspiring video below, and, as always, there's more on the blog: http://goo.gl/hMwMl. It is Goole Maps PR, but very professional and lovely. We can all enjoy the options …

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Dead Sea ים המלח

http://www.albatross.co.il/ בהיותו המקום הכי נמוך בעולם, ים המלח ידוע בנופיו המיוחדים, המשלבים מראות פראיים של מדבר יהודה עם פיסול טבעי של הנוף המנוקד בכתמים לבנים של מלח. ים המלח פופולארי …

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Aerial Tour of Israel

This is one amazing Aerial Tour of Israel brought to you by Albatross. The company is made by 2 Israeli Air Force pilots who are not world class film makers …

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