Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh With Riny and Gerry

Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh

ידידינו ההולנדים ביקרו בצפון הודו במחוזות הימצ'ל פרדש ולדאק בהימלאיה במסע סביב העולם על אופניים.  זכינו לארח אותם בארץ (ולשמור על האופניים שלהם) בקטע בין מצרים וירדן. מאז נשארנו ידידים קרובים.  הם מדריכים – מתנדבים בשמורות טבע בהולנד וגם ממשיכים לתעד את סיוריהם בעולם.

Author and photographer: Riny en Gerry, Holland

We have fantastic memories of Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh. We have done several hikes in both places. This photo was taken while we were hiking by Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh.

And this one also in Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh, you see Riny left

From Himachal Pradesh to Leh, Ladakh. Our first stop was in Marhi.  The mountains are great! I'm standing behind the bus, with a shawl.

The people are lovely and the scenery is breath taking.


We were in time for the beautiful Hemis Festival in Leh. This year it was special. Once in the twelve year a 12 meter high thanka are being shown to the public.

For this reason many many locals are attending this festival.  The thanka will be shown only a couple hours and then be stored away for again 12 years.

We hiked in the surrounding of Leh, it was unforgettable and not easy. The road to Ley is the highest in the world, maybe also due to my little cold. Anyway we didn't have a good driver, he made several mistakes, at the top he made a wrong turn and broke a part of the steering wheel. We couldn't get any further. We stayed for hours at that height, hoping someone would come along and rescue us. Finally a military convoy came and took a couple of us down. A couple were taking to the sickbay and given oxygen. I also had to be put on the oxygen.

We stayed by this teacher and his family.

In a very traditional house. Riny is seated at the right.

We wanted to reach the top. Most of the visitors took a donkey or a Indian to carry their luggage. We carried it ourselves.

Poor Riny, he was carrying the heavy stuff.

We purified our water with a katadyn, so we didn't have to carry water.

A place we will never forget.

Back to Himachal Pradesh, we took a ride on a truck, on the roof.

A scenery and panorama, so beautiful.

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