Devils Marbles

Devils Marbles: The Devils Marbles are a collection of huge, round, red-colored boulders found in the Tennant Creek region of Australia's Northern Territory.  In the creation story of the Dreaming, the Rainbow Serpent fashioned the earth and then returned to a spot east of the Kimberleys at a place where the rainbow meets the earth. The Rainbow Serpent's eggs fossilised and became what non-Aborigines now call the Devils Marbles. The Aborigines know them as Karlukarlu. Because of this, the Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve is a spiritually significant and sacred site to the Aborigines. Actually, they vary in size, from 50 cm up to six metres across, and they are strewn across a large area. Many of them seem impossibly balanced on top of each other, just like the two marbles in the famous picture

How did they end up that way? The Devils Marbles started out, many million years ago, when an upsurge of molten rock reached the surface, spread out and settled into a solid layer. That one block of granite then developed horizontal and vertical cracks and split into many rectangular block. Over the following millions of years erosion did what it always does: it wore away the edges


Photos by a close friend who asked to remain anonymous

Video Clip by Marg Graf

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