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צילומי טבע – הולנד

Bearded Parrotbill

זוג ידידים הולנדים שמעדיפים להישאר בעילום שם משתפים עם הושבילים שלשת צילומי הטבע שלהם. תודה לכם RenG! Panurus biarmicus, Bearded Tit Friesland, Netherland By RenG   Gallinago gallinago, Common snipe …

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This post results from a family visit with our Dutch friends, in Hilversum, who helped save our family during the Holocaust. Bless them all .The world's longest wildlife overpass provides …

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הולנד 2005


Streets of Holland – רחובות הולנד יש לי קשר מיוחד להולנד – ניצולי שואה, צדיקי אומות העולם וסתם מדינה יפה. ביקרתי בה גם גם כתייר וגם כעורך מסע שורשים. תודה …

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Birds of Hungary, Part I

  Once again our Dutch friends, Riny and Gerry, have created another fantastic presentation with both scientific ornithology and artistic photography and humor as well. This time they wrote about …

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Birds of Hungary

Dendrocopos major, male parent, bringing food to his young ones. It is wonderful to have been able to watch this nest for more than two hours, observing the parents go …

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Butterflies, Our Winged Friends, Hungary My good Dutch friends, Riny and Gerry, just returned from a mobile home trip to Germany and Denmark. They were following the bird migration. It …

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A Forty cm Swimming Pool

At 30 degrees Centigrade, a 40 cm swimming pool in your backyard can often be of major significance. Text and photos by Riny en Gerry, my Dutch friends. Press the …

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